Classes are starting

15 September 2008 (Monday)

I have two auditions for classes on Tuesday.

The old version of the monologue that I found a few days ago actually works pretty well for me.  By the end, I cry like a baby.  The prep doesn’t take very long.  The length feels just right.  It ends naturally.  I’m cautiously elated.

If I can perform this monologue in the auditions the way I have been, then I feel fairly confident about getting into at least one of the classes.  Then again, I’m not sure if I’ll be asked to perform the monologue at one of the auditions.  I only know for certain that we’ll be doing monologues at one audition.

We’ll see.  I’m feeling nervous but also confident.  I know I have the potential to deliver, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to overcome my nerves in order to actually deliver.

I’ve put the other monologues on the back burner for the moment, so that I could focus on honing my technique by reading acting books and by practicing the Sooze monologue.  My goal is to take an acting class here.  I know that there’s a good chance I won’t be accepted, since so many people audition and they take very few.  But I think that I have a good chance.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I should know my fate by Wednesday.  And on Thursday, I can interview to try to get into the Voice class.  So if I don’t get into either acting class, then hopefully I can talk my way into the Voice class.


Quick update – stateside!

5 September 2008 (Friday)

Ahhhh, I’m back in the states!

It’s not as weird as I thought it’d be (I’d been abroad for almost a year).  Everyone around me speaks English!

Anyway, I’m back to working on monologues, watching movies/tv, and reading numerous acting books.

I’ve almost chosen both of my comedic monologues.  Very close.  I haven’t given much thought to the dramatic classical monologue lately.

My dramatic contemporary monologue was fine until I found a different version of it.  Weird.  I looked through my old acting class folders and found the Sooze monologue from SubUrbia that my former acting teacher had given me.  It had a few extra sentences about Sooze’s brother going to a donut shop.  This part of the monologue is not in the play I bought, which I guess is the revised version.  Now, I’m not sure if I should stick with what I’ve been doing (admittedly, it’s too long at three minutes and I was thinking of cutting the second half out) or going with this new development (this would make the first part of the monologue long enough so that I could skip the second part).  But I don’t know.  I guess I’ll have to play around a little bit more and see what feels right to me.

School starts soon, so I’m getting nervous.  I have to start busting my ass in oh so many ways.

Must work out more!

I am Sooze, finally

30 July 2008 (Wednesday)

I did a lot of reading while on a weekend trip to a steamy southern location and came across a monologue a former acting teacher had always wanted me to do. It’s Sooze’s monologue from Eric Bogosian’s SubUrbia.

Something about the monologue had always turned me off. I think it’s because Sooze speaks in detail about the death of her brother who had Downs Syndrome. It made me feel uneasy. But upon rereading the play, rediscovering the monologue… it just felt right. Immediately, I knew that I had to switch my audition monologue to this one. I had been waiting for a monologue to click with me, and finally something did.

I discussed my former fear of this monologue with my coach. She said that recently a student of hers had performed it for a class. The student had cut out the beginning, where Sooze explains that her brother had Downs Syndrome. I guess it made her feel uncomfortable too. But we agreed that those beginning lines are important to the story and to the character. I’m glad that I’ve reached a point where I’m no longer afraid of this monologue. It’s beautiful. It’s poignant. And I really feel for Sooze throughout the entire play.

I don’t know if I’m speaking too soon, but I had some sort of a breakthrough with my coach a few days ago. I did a relaxation exercise, a breathing exercise using my monologue, and some associations. Although I was at first somewhat skeptical, the work really helped in the end. My coach was very happy with my work. I was very happy. We laughed. I cried. It was good.

There rest still a few concerns. I don’t think there’s enough of an arc in the monologue. I think it’s too monotone, if that makes sense. My coach said that I deliver it in a way that is very real, so the audience would go anywhere with me. But I don’t fully agree.

I have my work cut out for me.
I’m also waiting for another shipment of plays and another acting book. I want to find my contemporary comedic monologue as soon as possible. Then, onto the classics!

I’m already bracing myself for my university’s drama course and play auditions in the fall. I can do this!